Selecting a College Major

k54v9hraig7aab9xky7kYou’ve just gone through the arduous process of choosing a college and before you know it, you have to decide what to study! Selecting a college major is an incredibly important decision, and one that should be given ample time and serious consideration. You will be deciding a course of study that will influence your life in countless ways.

But don’t fret! Even though it’s a serious decision, you still have time—unless you’re already in your sophomore year. If that’s the case, then you better get moving!

It’s best to start thinking about majors while you’re still in high school. Having some idea of what you want to study will help you select a college and chart your future course. But the reality is, with some exceptions, you don’t have to declare a major until a little later in your college career.

The major you settle on may or may not be directly related to your eventual career, but it will influence the way you approach critical thinking, problem solving and communication. That’s what makes it so important. But if you give yourself time and really evaluate

Top Reasons Not to Earn an Online Degrees

business-degrees-are-the-most-popular-online-degreesStill trying to decide between online classes and classes at a traditional campus? Online schooling has some major advantages, to be sure, but have you considered the disadvantages? It’s important to take those into account too, before making a final decision regarding your education. Here are some of the main disadvantages of online education.

1) A Risk of Isolation from Your Classmates
Physical campuses are very social places. They’re filled with students from all over the country and beyond, all learning together in the same place. Students of online courses, on the other hand, don’t need to be located even remotely close to each other, nor do they need to work on their schooling at the same time. The result: it can be very tricky to connect socially with your peers.

2)You’re Responsible for Managing Your Own Schedule
For many students, a flexible schedule is an absolute blessing–indeed, it may be the only way higher education is possible for them. Other students, however, need clearly set expectations, deadlines, and schedules. Managing their own schedule may become overwhelming or stressful, especially if they weren’t particularly disciplined at

College Ranking Methodology

2015-09-29-1443495754-6064944-collegesssEach year both academia and industry alike make a big to-do about the new college rankings reports produced by popular ranking organizations and national publications such as U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal and Princeton Review. And each year aspiring college students, degree seeking professionals, as well as those in academia and industry, rely on these rankings to make important decisions. A top three college ranking in Business Week can easily sway a student’s decision with respect to which business school to attend. A low ranking in a college ranking report can spur a college to focus on better student placement in order to show up higher in next years rankings. Graduating from a middle-tier university versus a top ranked Ive League institution may be a deciding factor in an employer’s hiring decision–and a college graduates employment opportunities. So are college rankings an accurate indicator of quality? It depends on how you define quality and value. Are college rankings important? The fact that people pay attention to them is what really makes them important.

Studies show that if you

Essay Writing Jobs and the Site to Visit When Looking for Them

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How to Make Your SAS Analytics Training more fun!

Training courses such as SAS analytics training in Delhi is not always much fun. It can feel like a lot of hard work when you are learning new things, especially if you are learning something which is really new to you. The pressure of an exam could also make things more stressful. However, there are things that you can do which will make it a lot more fun.

Study online

If you study online you can take the pressure off somewhat. Being able to study at your own pace will mean that you will not get bored doing things that you have done before and you will be able to spend more time on the things that you do not know. You will also be able to go over things several times if necessary, to make sure that you have a thorough understanding.

Socialise with other students

While you are studying, you will have the chance to socialise with the other students, whether that is afterwards going for a drink and a chat, during coffee or lunch breaks or via chat rooms online. This can really help to make things more enjoyable. This could help your understanding too

Five Tips on Choosing a Location for your SAS Training

If you decide to do some SAS analytics training then you will find that you have quite a bit of choice with regards to where to do it. This can be great as if you decide you want to do your SAS analytics training in Delhi, then you easily can. However, some people find it tricky to make decisions like this so below are some things to consider when you are deciding where you should do your training.

Near to where you live

You may find that training at a location near to where you live will be most convenient. It will mean that you will not have travel too far each day to do the course and you may be able to get home nice and early in the evenings afterwards as well. You may also know of the places near where you live and feel happy doing a course there.

Near to where you work

If you do not work that near to home then it may be more convenient to do a course nearer to work. If you are doing it part-time in the evenings then it will be easier for you to get there straight from work. You may also

How To Be a Successful Adult Student

High school and adult level education programs differ significantly. As a result, different types of skills and qualities are required to succeed as an adult student.

The primary difference between high school and adult education programs aren’t the programs themselves, it’s the students. High school students don’t typically have full-time jobs or families to support–adults do. Adult students must juggle the responsibilities of working, attending to family and other duties, while trying to complete their degree, certificate or diploma.

There is also a different set of expectations for adolescents and adults. Since adolescents are still maturing, teachers are more willing to accept excuses and poor effort, but teachers in adult education programs are less likely to accept excuses and will expect a higher level dedication and performance from their students. They will work with students needs, but will not tolerate laziness or apathy.

Adults enrolling in adult education programs should always maintain a positive attitude and be willing to put in the work necessary to succeed. Since adults usually have work, family and other responsibilities, teachers in adult education programs will assume their students are mature, hard workers and up to the task. Notwithstanding, even for mature dedicated adults, school can be challenging.


Some College Majors Promise Better Future Than Others

A degree in art might not lead to a career with a six figure salary but where would society be if everyone became an engineer. We need artists too, don’t we? Does it really matter what college major you pursue? Well, a lot of people didn’t think so until recently. Due to falling post-graduate employment numbers and rising cost of tuition, many people are beginning to rethink the value of certain majors and degree programs. Many researchers are now investigating which majors provide a descent return on investment and which don’t. Not surprisingly, you could probably guess what researchers have discovered.

Without fail, students who major in STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and math — find jobs quicker, earn more money, and experience more job stability than students who earn degrees in liberal arts and humanities fields. In a tight job market, or during a recession, recent graduates with degrees in social sciences, humanities or liberal arts can find it challenging to find gainful employment.

While the answer to the dilemma seems very straight forward to most — earn a degree in a field with high earning potential — some argue that the answer isn’t so simple. A few educators at